Eltel excelled in Fortum’s 600 000 smart electricity meter project

Eltel Power Distribution had responsibility for 600 000 remotely readable smart electricity meter installations to Fortum's customers in Finland. The three year project was executed as planned and completed precisely on schedule in early October. Fortum has expressed and end customer feedback has been very good.

Fortum’s smart meter replacement project employed more than 200 people for three years. In addition to the meter installations Eltel was responsible also for the end customer communications, logistics, and project scheduling. Mass installations are now completed and only the last individual meters are yet to be installed.

"All in all, the project went very well and the goals were achieved”, says Sami Peippo, Head of Eltel Smart Grid. "We stayed on the planned schedule and the honour for this goes to our skilled technicians as well as their superiors." As the installation project is completed Eltel will continue as Fortum’s partner in meter maintenance and support.

Also Fortum has expressed their great satisfaction with Eltel. “Fortum’s Smart meters project succeeded beyond all expectations,” says Project Manager Harri Hauta-aho. “The meters were installed according to schedule and our customers provided very good feedback about the installation technicians.”

New expertise to be exploited in other countries

Eltel started the mass rollouts of smart meter implementations already in 2007, both in Finland and Sweden. The company has been a pioneer in smart meter implementations in Europe with over 3 million meter points installed in Finland, Sweden and Denmark. In the latest Fortum project, operation models and ICT tools were developed on a more functional basis.

"We have got from this project absolutely first class experience. By our new strategy, we will use the developed operating model in future projects as well. We are now submitting tenders in Norway, and by taking advantage of the new model, we are able to meet customer demands even better”, promises Sami Peippo, Head of the new international organisation. Eltel has executed also four major projects in Denmark in recent years. As the projects were completed the activity was merged as part of the overall Eltel Power Distribution business unit in the summer.

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